Audi R8 GT3/LMS detail up set

Audi R8 GT3/LMS detail up set

SKU : TK24080
Set of very valuable detail for your R8 GT3/LMS kit by Nunu. The whole set has been designed after specific millineter accurate dimensions of the real parts. It comes with a brand new unseen feature, the functional centerlock system by KMP. It will work straight on the kit, with absolutely NO MODIFICATIONS required.To install correctly the centerlock system, insert the metal screw into the hub, head on the inside. Then pour some cyano superglue in it from the head of the screw. Avoid to get glue on the exposed thread in front of the hub. Let it fully dry. Mount this hub with the brakes glued instead of using the kit polycap. You will be able to screw the tire on the model using the provided bolts and the tool.It will be provided with micro-masks, in order to create using the same paint for the body, the rim coloration typical for this car.Contained in this set is:4x rim hubs2x front rims2x rear rims10x eim inserts2x front tires (tapered)2x rear tires (tapered)2x specular front brake discs2x specular rear brake discs2x rear brake calipers2x rear brake pads2x front brake calipers2x front brake pads1x full centerlock set1x GT3 sterring wheel1x GT3 steering clutch handles
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